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Whether you want to find out about the activities of our members, donors or volunteers, or you’re interested in learning about our support services for seniors and families, this page is a good place to start.


If you see something you like posted in this section, we hope you will share it with others. And, if NSSC has touched your life in a positive way, please let us know. That’s the kind of news we love to hear! Please call 847.784.6056 or email engage@nssc.org.


NSSC Engage Magazine & Lifelong Learning Catalog

January - April 2023


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Lifelong Learning Winter Catalog

Lifelong Learning Catalog January - April 2022


Alzheimer's Caregiver Manual

Alzheimer's Caregiver Manual—Revised 2014


Annual Reports

Annual Report—Fiscal Year 2022

Annual Report—Fiscal Year 2021

Annual Report—Fiscal Year 2020

Annual Report—Fiscal Year 2019

Annual Report—Fiscal Year 2018

Annual Report—Fiscal Year 2017

Annual Report—Fiscal Year 2016

Annual Report—Fiscal Year 2015

Annual Report—Fiscal Year 2014


"Engage" Quarterly Magazine

Engage—Summer 2020

Engage—Winter/Spring 2020

Engage—Fall 2019

Engage—Summer 2019

Engage—Spring 2019

Engage—Winter 2019

Engage—Fall 2018

Engage—Summer 2018