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Personal Money Management


Older adults and their families can benefit from the services of a Daily Money Manager (DMM) as financial tasks

become more challenging as we enter our later years. Adult children, designated powers of attorney, and other caregivers typically have limited time to devote to their loved ones' financial matters. DMMs can reduce stress for you and your family and ensure your finances are handled according to your wishes.


Our experienced DMMs can assist with:

  • Managing mail and organizing paperwork
  • Monthly bill paying
  • Verifying medical claims
  • Preparing budgets and quarterly and annual reports
  • Tax organization and coordinating with CPAs
  • Working with elder care specialists, attorneys, trustees and executors

With financial fraud becoming more prevalent, having an extra set of eyes overseeing your accounts may help deter fraud, or catch it early before it takes over your financial well-being. 


For a list of services, view our Personal Money Management flyer.


There is a fee for this service. To learn more about how we can help you, please call us at 847.242.6270.