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Personal Training & Group Classes


Personal Training 

Work one-on-one with a certified fitness specialist during your personalized fitness session addressing your unique goals, abilities, and interests. Working with a trainer ensures proper exercise technique to prevent injury and gain the most from each exercise. Our trainers are qualified in specialty areas such as balance, cardiovascular health, strength, and flexibility to provide you the most appropriate, safest exercise experience. 


Personal training sessions are available in 30- and 60- minute sessions in packages of 1, 5, or 10 sessions.


For more information on personal training at NSSC, email the Fitness Center or call 847.784.6003.


Group Fitness Classes

NSSC offers a variety of different exercise and wellness classes to suit a range of fitness levels and interests. Classes include Better Balance, Sit and Get Fit, Yoga, Tai Chi, Rise and Shine, and more. Classes are available in person or online.


Our new “Pop-Up” classes introduce you to new types of fitness classes, such as Healthy Hands, Barre, Men’s Fitness, Fitness Fundamentals, and more. Topics change monthly to provide plenty of opportunities to try something new. 


In addition, monthly wellness education presentations provide information on a variety of topics to enhance your well-being, such as brain fitness, pain management, better sleep, and healthy eating. 


For a complete list of current Fitness and Wellness class offerings, click here.