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Forever Grateful Wall

Remembering with Love, Honoring with Gratitude


The Forever Grateful Wall is a magnificent testament to the lives touched by NSSC.


Spanning more than 30 feet, this artistic masterpiece is prominently displayed in the bustling Golder Dining Room. The Forever Grateful Wall is a place where your cherished one's name can find a lasting home within the North Shore Senior Center for generations to come. Circles can be dedicated to anyone, living or passed, who you would like to honor or remember in a special way.


When you choose to purchase a circle, you're not just preserving a name; you're displaying your unwavering dedication to NSSC, a steadfast pillar for older adults and their families in Chicago's northern suburbs since 1956. Your support ensures that we can continue this vital mission.


To learn more, contact Jon Labaschin, Director of Development, at 847.784.6020 or jlabaschin@nssc.org.