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We were proud to celebrate this milestone throughout the last fiscal year (July 2021 – June 2022). Since its establishment in 1956, NSSC has been so much more than its multiple locations. Our founders had the foresight to embrace the full meaning of the definition of a senior center as a place that extends its reach beyond the walls of its buildings. Most of the 24,000 people we serve do not visit the Center in Northfield; we meet them in their homes, in supported living facilities, in hospitals, and in skilled nursing facilities. 


Through the years, NSSC has evolved to meet the changing needs of older people—a sign of our success and longevity. We are proud of both, and of the work that continues every day. This year we began to develop a strategic plan that will guide NSSC for the next three years. It provides the framework for evolution, sustainability, and the essential work that we do in the communities we serve. Within this framework our compassionate staff, talented volunteers, and dedicated board of directors continue to foster the independence and well-being of those whose lives we touch.


NSSC believes that all older adults have a right to live with dignity, respect, and support from their community. Together, with our many partners, we will continue to meet their needs as well as the needs of their families and caregivers, for another 65 years and beyond! 



With gratitude for your support,


Tish Rudnicki, MSW

Executive Director    


Roger T. Lumpp
Board Chair






North Shore Senior Center is grateful for the support of the individuals, businesses, and organizations that provided gifts of $500 or more from July 1, 2021 to June 30, 2022. Their generosity is a vote of confidence in NSSC, its mission, and its commitment to the communities in which it serves. 


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Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 2022




North Shore Senior Center is dependent upon the thoughtful generosity of its members and friends whose forward-looking philanthropic contributions ensure the continued success of the organization. Thank you for investing in us so that we can invest in those who need us.  


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North Shore Senior Center's leadership is comprised of a talented, dedicated staff and four boards that are actively involved in the operations of the organization. 


Board of Directors 

Staff Leadership

Foundation Board of Directors

Associate Board

Advisory Council



In September 2022, NSSC’s Board of Directors approved an ambitious three-year strategic plan that identifies three core strategic directions to guide the organization for the fiscal years 2023 through 2025. These strategic directions recognize NSSC’s commitment to its current work and provide the flexibility and guidance for redefining the future of the organization while making a bold commitment to increase the participation of diverse communities and individuals; advance equitable practices and processes; and enhance inclusion and accessibility.


Invest in employees, volunteers, and boards so NSSC is nimble, responsive, fiscally sustainable, and able to meet future community needs. 


Identify critical future needs that reflect strategic and financial stewardship and effective delivery of programs and services. 


Telling the Story
Function as a thought leader convening internal and external conversations and activities related to aging and aging services.


Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
Incorporate DE&I holistically and consistently throughout each area of focus ensuring NSSC has true representation of the people and communities it serves.