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Something to Think About

January 29, 2021

by Marilyn Miglore

One of my favorite sayings is: “We are all headed in the same direction,” meaning, we are all getting older.  I know that age is not a number, and it knows no boundaries or limitations but, sometimes when I think of just getting older and older, it’s a hard pill to swallow.  

So, when I think about the fact that every person I see and meet is headed in the same direction as me, it’s easier and comforting.  I feel like I’m not alone and, even though we are all getting older, thankfully we are not all the same age.  

Are there benefits to this?  Absolutely!  

When I get an opportunity to speak to any of the younger generations, I try to tap into their snap shots of life.  If you spend some time with young people you might pick up on their strengths, weaknesses, goals, ambitions and remember when you felt that way.  

Talk about a learning experience for both sides—try sharing some of your life moments with a younger person and you will see that it is not only rewarding but can be an “aha moment” for both generations.  

I’m not asking you to let go of your “In my day,” I’m just asking that you take yourself back to your earlier days and insert today’s life challenges as told by our younger selves.  How would you have approached this changing world? Have you used your time here to develop into an older person from the younger person you were or, have you completely changed?

There are a million sayings: “It’s never too late,” “There’s no time like the present,” “Time is of the essence.” . . . and they are all right.  

Just don’t take this time for granted and share some knowledge, some memories, some patience and, most of all, some love with any someone headed in the same direction.