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NSSC Foundation


Formed in 1992 as an independent 501(c)(3) organization, the NSSC Foundation is committed to soliciting and overseeing gift donations that will grow over time to ensure the future of NSSC as well as benefit the older adult population it serves today.


NSSC Foundation has its own Board of Directors, who have diverse backgrounds that include professional investment management, the law, and administrative leadership roles. The board is elected by the Foundation’s membership and has a minimum of eight directors and a maximum of 13 directors. The Foundation’s investment policy is conservative, while still generating sufficient returns on investments to provide adequate growth and viability of endowments for the years ahead. Fiduciary duties of board members include management of the Foundation’s funds through creation of an investment policy, investment manager selection, performance evaluation and implementation, and administration of distribution of assets and general oversight of fund operations.


Note: If giving to the Foundation, please be sure to designate on your check or other documents that NSSC Foundation is the intended recipient.


For additional information on charitable giving options, contact Jon Labaschin, Director of Development, at 847.784.6020 or jlabaschin@nssc.org.