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"Treat Yourself to a Life-Changing Home Appliance"

October 27, 2021

by Caron Blitz

What’s powerful, flexible, and something you will come to cherish on a nearly daily basis?

Drumroll, please: a Dyson vacuum.


Ask around and you will get the same response when folks tell you how their lives have changed after replacing their older, heavier, clumsier vacuums with newer versions of lightweight, cordless ones like the Dyson.


NSSC’s Amy Krause put it best, “It’s fascinating and mortifying at the same time to see how much ‘stuff’ the Dyson collects in the removable canister.” Other friends who border on being compulsive when it comes to housekeeping are astounded to see what they pick up in areas they thought were already clean.


As you read this, you may be wondering if Dyson is paying me for this favorable promotion. Nope. Not a dime. 


When my family gave me a Dyson as a birthday gift, I have to admit I was underwhelmed. Little did I know how it would be among my most favorite presents.


Multiple Tools Make Cleaning a Breeze

Whether you do the vacuuming or have someone else who does, this one appliance is a necessity for all households, especially with heightened awareness on cleanliness and safety due to COVID. Multiple attachments can be used for wood floors, carpet, upholstery and more. It easily reaches in narrow spaces, like underneath beds and heavy dressers. The top section of the Dyson can even be removed and used as a handheld vacuum like a “Dustbuster.” And your back will thank you since it is so lightweight.


Our dog Louie is an adorable Goldendoodle, a breed that has become popular for their friendly disposition and because they do not shed. Well, Louie did not get the message. He sheds. But thanks to the Dyson, we do not hold it against him and can easily scoop up his little furballs in minutes.


Other Brands to Consider

While I am personally familiar with the Dyson brand, there are others to consider like Shark, Hoover, and Bissell. Compare the run time (before needing a recharge), tools, bin capacity, and power modes. Local retailers that carry lightweight, cordless vacuums include Costco, Abt, Best Buy, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Target.


The price of a Dyson Cordless Stick Vacuum ranges from $379 to $599. As the holidays draw near you can expect to see sales. Most major retailers will price match.


As a 60+ Savvy Shopper living in Riverwoods, Caron Blitz knows what folks our age look for in products and is always on the hunt for “fun finds” and the best values. For future columns, she’d love to hear what you, The Shopper, would like us to feature. If you are a retailer, let us know what special products and services you offer for older adults. 

Email: SavvyShopperColumn@gmail.com