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May 14 Update from the Executive Director

May 14, 2020

Dear Friends & Supporters, 

What I have learned these past nine weeks is that one day flows into the next, whether I am fretting about the latest news or appreciating the opportunity to accept and enjoy a slower pace of life. The pandemic has surprisingly flipped my perspective on some things—I am no longer a fan of grocery shopping, but actually miss my daily commute. I’ve learned that by reaching out to people, I bring them as much joy as I receive. I’ve watched the tulips in my yard bloom and know that neither they nor our 11-week-old Leonberger puppy, Maisie, are affected by our changed world. I’ve had many opportunities to appreciate the little things that life can bring, even in this state of uncertainty. 

The weeks ahead will undoubtedly present great challenges; we’ll continue to seek opportunities and hold on to the moments of joy we find. I encourage you to do the same and to share those moments of happiness with the older adults in your life!

Stay well and stay positive, 

Tish Rudnicki, MSW

Executive Director

P.S. Keeping you up-to-date with Center news is important so please look for these messages in our bi-weekly e-newsletter starting June 1. If any significant news arises in between
e-newsletters, I will be sure and reach out. It’s important to us that you stay connected and keep abreast of Center plans moving forward.