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Lifelong Learning Catalog Wins International Award for Best Brochure

December 01, 2016


Lifelong Learning staff from left: Rose Carroll, Glenna Stanley, Mary Staackmann, Vivian Mitchel, Teri Ruiz
and Joan Waxman

Lifelong Learning has won the 2017 International Award for Best Brochure for its catalog from the Learning Resources Network (LERN). Mary Staackman, director of Lifelong Learning, and her team were commended for significantly growing their program and for their implementation and tracking of a comprehensive strategy for integrated marketing and its significant improvements to the catalog.

“Your cover should tell a story, visually, and evoke a positive emotional response. These covers accomplish this goal,” LERN President William Draves said of the three catalogs Mary submitted. “Smiles and eye contact from the images generate a positive response and increase engagement.” He went on to list other qualities the judges liked: a clear and easily navigated content page, the large font in a legible serif style, well-designed inside pages with photographs, and a back cover that highlights special programs in an appealing way. “This is an example of a brochure that is designed for its audience,” said William. “Older learners prefer simpler layouts, less busy pages, and even black and white photos work for this audience segment.”

In 2014, Lifelong Learning completely revamped their catalog. Its covers went to full color and professional photographs; they started using more graphics; they organized class categories with fun names listed in order of popularity, as determined by enrollment; and they cleaned up their mailing list which resulted in a more focused list of recipients. Mary credits the Lifelong Learning staff for the successes of the catalog and of the program as a whole. “I am so appreciative of the Lifelong Learning staff for all of their efforts, not only during catalog production time, but all the time in researching and scheduling the classes and serving our customers,” she said. “The effort is really paying off!”

Founded in 1974, LERN is the world’s largest association in continuing education and lifelong learning, offering information and consulting expertise to providers of continuing education and customized training. LERN serves more than 9,000 professional each year.