North Shore Senior Center will be closed Monday, January 21 for the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday


Our Mission

The mission of North Shore Senior Center is to foster the independence and well-being of older adults, enhance their dignity and self respect, and promote their participation in and contribution toward all aspects of community life. 

Our Vision

For more than 60 years, we have built North Shore Senior Center's offerings by listening and responding to the ideas and concerns from our community. Today, the senior population is growing at an unprecedented rate. The types of services desired by seniors and their families are changing as well. Government funding at all levels continues to be stretched further. Thus, we turn to private and corporate donors to increase their support to assist us as well as find new and innovative ways to raise revenue through our services from private pay in order to fulfill our mission.

In the summer of 2015, the Strategic Planning Committee laid out a road map for continuing success and growth in this challenging environment. The committee's input helped us chart North Shore Senior Center's future so that we can serve future generations of seniors to come:

Priority 1:
Strengthen and expand North Shore Senior Center programs and services that have the potential to enhance value and satisfaction for persons served and continue to create innovative, dynamic and high-quality programs and services that will appeal to the next generation of older adults.

Priority 2:
Define and manage the organizational culture and ensure continuing alignment with the mission and core values of North Shore Senior Center to communicate a philosophy encompassing a total rewards strategy that will enable the Center to attract and retain highly qualified and engaged personnel.

Priority 3:
Increase the cumulative revenue of the organization by 20 percent over the next three years, and develop financial reserves to offset government-funded program shortfalls and provide for capital needs, including North Shore Senior Center’s bond debt.

Priority 4:
Cultivate and grow awareness of North Shore Senior Center to generate and drive increased market response to the Center's programs and services in the target markets we serve.

We invite you to download our strategic plan to learn more. 

A new strategic plan is in process with plans to be rolled out in Fall 2018.