Celebrating 60 Years of Service

Benefits Counseling

Benefits Counseling (previously known as Red Tape Cutters) has historically been used to assist, encourage, represent and advocate for older persons so that they may participate in various benefit programs. Through this process, North Shore Senior Center is able to ascertain what benefits a senior may qualify for, and applications can be made and verified at the Center. Our Benefits Counseling program has two dedicated staff members and a corps of 14 trained and supervised volunteers.

The Benefits Counseling program is labor intensive; senior applicants must be interviewed, assessed and advised. It is often challenging for counselors to analyze and then convey concisely to applicants the multitude of bureaucratic processes and the documentation and other criteria required to complete those processes. Nonetheless, this program is a safety net for seniors who might otherwise be forced to make untenable economic decisions.

To learn more about this support service for seniors, please contact us at 847.784.6040.

You are also welcome to email us at SeniorServices@nssc.org with general inquiries about our services. (If your inquiry is urgent, please call us during regular business hours so that we may better assist you.)