Celebrating 60 Years of Service

18th Annual Samuel Thaviu Memorial Concert: An Event Given by the Thaviu Family as a Gift to the Community

Samuel Thaviu grew up surrounded by music, professional performers and an incredible array of artistic talent. It was no surprise that he would be inspired to become a professional musician. After studying with the then-concertmaster of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra (CSO), Mischa Mischakoff, Samuel was a member of the CSO's first violin section from 1934 to 1937. Samuel soon become a concertmaster himself. In 1944, Samuel married Elly Rosenblatt, and they moved to California, where Samuel was concertmaster of the Hollywood Bowl. In the late 1940s, Samuel went to the Pittsburgh Symphony, to work as concertmaster, a position he held for 22 years. In 1966, Samuel became a full professor of violin and chairman of the Strings Department at Northwestern University's School of Music. Just two months before his death in 2000, Samuel performed a beautiful, full violin recital at the Chicago Cultural Center.