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Annual Meeting 2024


Join us for our Annual Meeting, featuring the latest updates from NSSC, and a keynote presentation on Artificial Intelligence by Northwestern University Professor of Computer Science Larry Birnbaum.


Professor Birnbaum's research and teaching focus is on applied AI and human-AI collaboration. He and his students develop, study, and apply new technologies in natural language processing (NLP), conversational interfaces, intelligent information systems, social media data analytics, machine learning, and computational journalism and media. Key areas of research include methods for the automatic generation of content by machine, including specifically the automatic generation of narratives from data, and on natural human-AI collaboration using conversational interaction. Larry's research also spans intelligent information systems, including models of automatic and contextual search and information diversity; preference predication and recommendation using social media data; and applications of AI to journalism and media.


Tuesday, January 16

10 a.m.

at NSSC (161 Northfield Road)

Free to attend; registration required