65th Anniversary Club 

(as of 9/28/21)

Thank you to the following individuals for donating to our 65th Anniversary Club. 


Joseph B. Annenberg

Lois M. Berman

Sheila* and Robert L. Berner, Jr.

Patricia B. and John J. Berwanger

Cynthia and Fazil Bhimani

Barbara A. Bonier

Judith Bowman

Linda Brodson

Beth and Samuel Buchsbaum

Patrick V. Casali

Patricia Dodson

Rachel C. and Linne Dose

Susan Edelman

Beverly Fetzer

Sharon and Mark Fine

Margaret G. Ginn

Donna and Jack Greenberg

Diane and Donald Henry

Michele R. and George D. Hinchcliff

Elizabeth R. and Walter V. Holt

Judith A. Homer

Francine and Edward Kaplan

Barbara P. Keeley

Mary and Roger Kieffer

Donna and Charles Kitchen

Judith Klein

Carolyn Krulee

Nancy and Ronald Kurz

Caryl B. Kushner

Aidan Labaschin

Lisa G. and Jon Labaschin

Kaaren Lund-Lindemann and John Lindemann

Marilyn and Scott Miglore

Timothy P. Morris

Gwen and Donald L. Packard

Thomas F. Peterson

Rose S. Placek

Patsy Prince

Barbara and David B. Rudzin

Lois Sachs

Barbara P. and John J. Sciarra

Robert F. Seebeck

Lorraine Trachtenberg

Dona-Lee Trotter

Margot Wallace

Rose Anne and Edmond Walsh

Susan Weiss